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Loans / Debt Control
Most businesses operate on some form of credit from their suppliers and being able to actually control your debt with them can become an administrative task at the best of times. H2I have created a 'Loans Section', this is a business critical tool that will help system users to really get a good financial visual of their current indebtedness with any such company / supplier;
for example; please see the following:
If Tom has purchased some machinery for his business at the cost of £5,000.00 he could enter the amount into the system as a debt that needs to be repaid and each time a payment is made towards his machinery, the system will automatically create a pie chart, enter the opening balance of 5K and deduct any payments made; the pie chart will display the level of control Tom has towards his debt and demonstrate via the visual how much is left to pay until the debt is cleared.
Everything is based on a percentage and the pie chart will show the percentage of the debt paid against the opening balance, the opening balance will reduce the size of the pie segment each time a payment is made and simultaneously increase the size of the pie segment of where the indebtedness lies, which ultimately demonstrates that he is in control of his debt.