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Bespoke Invoice Design & Calculations

H2I is the only company that has leveled the playing field for global SME's. 

H2I is the only invoicing platform that is dedicated to helping the SME compete with the giants operating in similar fields as the SME. 99% of invoices are relatively simple and fall under the standard invoice, i.e. Sub-Total | Total | Tax | Discount and the H2I system is already geared up to accommodate those business that use that standard.

However; H2I can also create bespoke invoicing templates (subject to terms and conditions) that are more suited to the industry that they represent. This could consist of different types of calculation requirements such as invoicing for labour only within the construction industry, i.e. CIS invoicing where the calculations are slightly different to the norm.

Whatever your invoicing requirement is, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we are confident that we can accommodate the demands and needs of your business operations and we will always assure that even with your bespoke invoice design, your monthly invoicing pricing structure remains at £1.00 per month per user.