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The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is packed with many business valuable features that will help a company to remain totally professional at all times of invoice interaction.

The system's design is created to ensure that user friendliness is just as powerful as the system itself. System users are delighted by its smooth and seamless operation and user functionality.

Useful Features

A really useful feature of the H2I system is the permalink that is hosted to each invoice or pro-forma that is sent out to customers. Customers can easily interact with the hosted invoice. 

Payment by PayPal

Users of the H2I system can choose to have their invoice paid via PayPal if they wish by simply clicking the PayPal tick box in their user account back office and entering their email details that is used for their PayPal account.

Everything is simplified all that you, as the user of the system, has to do, is generate your business and we promise that H2I will make you look professional in every sense of the word.

But please do not take our word for it, try it out for yourself; only then will you as a serious business fully comprehend the power of the H2I system.

H2I managing your invoicing and HR strategies for you.