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This is one of our most favourite features within the system, truly awesome!
System users can store as many suppliers as they want to for various products and services in which are the demands and needs of their business. Within this section and as you are creating the supplier, a user can add as many products as they wish against the supplier details; a user can add the cost price of the product, which then becomes really handy at the time of raising a purchase order because, the user can effortlessly select the product that will be stored in a separate database specific to that supply chain only.
So, for example; if you have 3 suppliers that supply you different products:
  • Supplier A supplies fresh fruit and veg;
  • Supplier B supplies hardware products
  • Supplier C supplies toys
A user can add all the products for each supplier along with the cost price of the product and when the user wishes to raise a purchase order, all that they have to do is click on the supplier and select the product from the automatically generated list against that supplier. The fields will pre-populate and at the click of a mouse your purchase order is sent to your supplier for them to action.
Once this is set up correctly, it can save businesses an enormous amount of valuable data entry time and as your supply chain grows or your product range grows, it is very easy to just keep adding to your suppliers for business proficiency at the point of issuing a Purchase Order.