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This we consider to be a business critical tool, to help you understand just exactly where your money is being spent. With very little effort system users can now add all types of expenses that the operations of their business incur.
We advise business users to regularly update their records so they can stay on top of things, some users may want to do this daily and some weekly or even monthly, however and whichever way you choose, the H2I system will automatically place all of your receipts in date order.
As you are entering relevant data in this section, the H2I platform will generate a pie chart so that you can visualise the segment of cost against your business, this ultimately generates your tax input which will come in very handy for your tax returns.
The expense section allows the business to visualise an overview of their costings at a glance and as you mouse over a segment of cost, users have the facility of seeing a caption of the total expenditure for that segmented region. The data in the legend is merely for example purposes as to how you can categorise expenses.