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We are a dedicated team of website developing enthusiasts that relish the opportunity to create meaningful applications for business users around the globe.


Armed with all the relevant disciplines in website and software development, we are firmly of the opinion that our invoicing system is, "for the price" the best that business users can get and we are constantly developing it to make it better and better so that the H2I system, remains the best in the market and at the best price in the market!


H2I was built purely to assist anybody involved in business transactions that require an invoicing system which is simple to use and totally enjoyable to engage with; at a price that is unbelievably low cost and affordable for absolutely any business whatsoever.

We bring meaning to the word meaningful relationships, we bring superior quality to the term high quality, we bring effectiveness to compliment professionalism, we bring improvement on efficiencies and we bring cost as low as economically possible. In truth, we are your invoicing answer; it really is as simple as that.


We are so confident in knowing that if you try our system, you will definitely remain with us for the life of your business and let's face facts here, who would not want to when you establish just exactly what it is that you will be getting for the cost of this magnificent invoicing and HR platform.